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I imagine I’m not alone in admitting that the challenges our children present, particularly around sport, not only lead to us experiencing moments of joy, but also moments of frustration and feelings of inadequacy. Although initially apprehensive, I agreed to take part in the coaching process and chose to focus on the relationship I have with my son and how I could better understand and respond to him. I was fairly open-minded about the process and at best hoped I might pick up a few tips on how to talk and listen to lead a calmer existence with him. The coaching helped me achieve this, but also much more than I could have possibly imagined. It opened up a whole new awareness which gave me the vehicle to subtly change my way of interacting with all three of my children to a calmer, more relaxed way of being. Throughout the process, I felt supported and understood in a non-judgmental way. My son is not directly aware of the coaching process, but indirectly has felt the benefits and is happier, more focused, more relaxed and more successful, not just in sport but also in his wider world, at school and at home. The coaching process has also brought new insight into my own personal growth and is an experience I have found deeply satisfying and enjoyable

Louise Birch
Mum to 8 and 12 year old tennis players and 14 year old swimmer

I would always recommend the coaching because of what I’ve gained from it. Personally, it has helped me realising my own needs from a professional and personal orientation, making me more aware, relaxed, and reflective about things that happen on a daily or weekly basis. It’s been really good. My son now wants to be with me, rather than just with the mother all of the time. Coaching has brought me close to my goal of supporting my son and understanding his needs.

Alan Abbat
Father of 9 year-old national tennis player

The coaching experience was a very beneficial venture for myself and my child. The coaching was personally tailored for me, and allowed me to participate in activities/ tasks to achieve the desired end result. The coaching process has enabled me to have a better understanding of my child's tennis life, how he works with his goals, and how he achieves them. I am now able to really appreciate my child's effort in sport and I can communicate even better with him.

Nicki Loxley
Mum of 9 year old national level tennis player

When I look back to before I did the coaching I can see how I wasn’t helping my son at all. I’ve become more rational about the whole thing and much more chilled with my son and I can see how this is so much better for him. It’s been very helpful and improved our relationship outside of sport too.

Neal Robinson
Father of 10 year old national level tennis player

It's great. It's certainly helping my son and it's certainly helped me in how I deal with him. I've realised how much he needs clear boundaries and I've become more confident in delivering them.

Helen Abbatt
Mum of 9 year old national level tennis player

When I had my first coaching session I wasn’t sure what to expect and thought I would give it a go, thinking it to be three or four sessions. I wanted to be a better tennis parent and give the best support possible to my children. That said, at the time, I thought I was already not too bad compared with some of the parents we sometimes come across at tournaments.

Wow. We are now five months on and I am on my second topic. It has been a life changing experience. The journey has been amazing. Before, if my children hadn’t performed well in a match, I would smile and tell them it wasn’t too bad and busily try to arrange more hitting and coaching behind the scenes. I controlled their tennis and sheltered them from seeing any disappointments. Now, after the coaching, we talk openly and honestly about how they have done. They decide what they need to do and organise their own tennis schedules. They are hitting twice as much as when I arranged it and they are enjoying it much more. It is their passion and hobby…their journey.

My new topic is now for my tennis. As we all work on our own tennis, we enjoy our respective journeys together as a family.

The coaching sessions not only helped me to be a better tennis parent, they also helped me be a better Mum and a better person. I am much calmer generally and more relaxed (The breathing exercises are something I use to help me deal with all stress situations I come up against.), I have been injury free in my own tennis ( I used to get trapped nerves or muscle injuries because I was tense without knowing it), I feel I am more honest with everybody and am still surprised by how well everybody reacts when I tell them I have a problem. I am stronger.

Angela Van Der Staap
Mum of two county level daughters and keen tennis player

I started the coaching with initial apprehension, but can now honestly say I feel its been a worthwhile and rewarding experience. The benefits have been notable in my sons improved success in his tennis game and my communication and understanding with him. A thoroughly positive experience that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or repeat.

Nicky Chapman
Mum of national level 12 year old tennis player