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The basics of being a good sports parent

The basic Dos and Don’ts of being a good sports parent


The “ideal” sports parent:

1. Stays relaxed and positive during competition and is equally supportive for wins and losses;
2. Understands the demands of the game;
3. Gives their child space and talks about other things after a bad loss or defeat;
4. Works closely with the Sports coach and leaves analysis to the coach. Any analysis you do have from competition you talk through with the coach not with your child unless they want that;
5. Sees beyond winning and losing and notices the performance and the experience for their child;
6. Believes in their child but is also realistic about where they are and where they could go;
7. Gives their child ownership and responsibility within their sport by allowing the child’s opinion and thoughts to be heard and valued;
8. Is aware of the damage of self-fulfilling prophecies like– “You never win when it gets close”, “You’re slow” “You don’t have that killer instinct”. These can help to create that situation in the future;
9. Keeps in mind the bigger picture and understands why they are investing in their child’s Sport and all the benefits their child get from it;
10. Deals with bad behaviour by criticising their behaviour rather than the child. Gains agreement from the child around these desired behaviour changes and sets appropriate boundaries and rewards for this that remain consistent.



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