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Support your child to become composed, confident and happy in their sport.

Is the sporting journey with your child as enjoyable and rewarding as it could be? Would you like to improve your relationship with them?
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Help your child maximize their potential and gain the competitive edge.

Top athletes are rarely successful without great parental support. Parents play a critical role in helping their children develop the mental toughness needed for success in sport.
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Are you becoming tired with your child’s frustration or bad behaviour in sport?

Parents can often be unknowingly putting pressure on their children. This can seriously impact the child’s enjoyment and success within their sport, and be fuelling their lack of emotional control or bad behaviour.
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Tough journeys home with your child?

Do you find it hard to deal with your child after difficult results? Do you struggle with horrible journeys home after losing? It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Case studies

See in detail how our coaching has helped parents take their support to the next level and led to real positive change in their children.

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"The benefits have been notable in my son's improved success in his tennis game and my communication and understanding with him. A thoroughly positive experience that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or repeat"

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You deserve support

Children have coaches, coaches have mentors and ongoing training, but who is there to support the parents on the sporting rollercoaster ride, without whom none of this would be possible?

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